Requirements and Procedures

Migration Health Assessments for Australia-Bound Migrants: All applicants are required to undergo a migration health assessment as part of their visa application process for Australia. In this document, you will find important information related to your upcoming migration health assessment at Landmark General Hospital in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

What Should I Expect at my Appointment?

The scope of the migration health assessment varies depending on factors such on your visa category, age, gender and current health status. The list below shows some of the procedures that you or your family (if they are applying to migrate with you to Australia) might receive:

  • Registration.
  • Counselling to explain the health assessment process (at the end of the counselling you will sign an informed consent form).
  • Medical examination, which may include the following:
    • A review of your medical history and current symptoms.
    • Taking your measurements and vital signs.
    • A detailed physical examination to assess your physical and mental status.
    • A chest X-ray.
    • Interferon Gamma Release Assay (IGRA – blood test) for tuberculosis.
    • Urine analysis HIV test (applicants applying for certain visa categories may also be tested for syphilis, hepatitis B and C).

Breakdown of Migration Health Assessment Procedures, by Age of Applicant:

< 2 years oldMedical examination
2 – 4 years oldMedical examination; blood test for tuberculosis
5 – 10 years oldMedical examination; blood test for tuberculosis
11 – 14 years oldMedical examination; chest X-ray
≥ 15 years oldMedical examination; chest X-ray; laboratory blood tests

Important Notes


Applicants under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian who can provide consent and make decisions on their behalf.


If you are pregnant and undergoing a migration health assessment, you may choose to either get the chest X-ray with a double leaded shielding to protect you and your unborn baby or wait to proceed with the migration health assessment until after giving birth.

If you choose to proceed with the chest X-ray, you will be requested to sign an additional consent form.

Tuberculosis (TB):

TB is a contagious bacterial infection that is spread from person to person through tiny droplets in the air.  TB can be either:

  • Latent TB: when you have the bacteria in your body, but you don’t have any clinical manifestations. In order to diagnose latent TB, active TB should be ruled out.
  • Active TB: when you have the bacteria and have clinical, radiological or laboratory manifestations.

You might be asked to undergo further testing if the doctor suspects you have TB. In such an event, you will be provided with additional counselling and more information during your appointment.

You will be requested to provide three (3) sputum samples over 3 consecutive days. These samples are then tested in a laboratory; it can take up to 8-10 weeks to obtain a result.

If you are required to complete this test, your health assessment certificate will be put on hold until the results are received. If you are found to have TB, you will need to successfully complete treatment before resuming the immigration process.

Good news! TB is treatable and most people can be cured with a few months of oral antibiotics.

What Do I Need to Bring to My Appointment?


▹ Passport (valid original);

▹ Health examinations list (HAP Letter) with HAP ID.

Medical Records:

▹ Any medical reports on past or current medical conditions

▹ Vaccination records (optional).

▹ Child Health and Development Record for children, if available.


▹ Eyeglasses or lenses, if you wear them.

▹ Address in country of origin printed.

▹ There is no need to bring photographs, since they will be taken at the MHAC.

Advice for the Migration Health Assessment

▹ For your physical examination, you will be asked to remove your clothes and will be provided with a medical gown, but please keep your underwear on (see image at right).

▹ You may request a chaperone to be present at your physical examination.

Please do not conceal any medical conditions; deliberate attempts to hide them will be reported to the Australian immigration authorities.

▹ For female applicants, please do not conceal your pregnancy; being pregnant will have no impact on your immigration prospects.

Please postpone or re-schedule your appointment if you or your child are ill with a fever, experience unexplained bleeding or have a rash. If you experience unexplained bleeding, please urgently consult your doctor.

▹ For female applicants, please postpone or re-schedule your appointment if you are menstruating, as it may affect the urine test result.

▹ There is no need to fast prior to your appointment.

▹ Your completed health assessment file will be submitted electronically within a maximum of 2 -5 days after completing your health assessment.

▹ For other enquiry or questions concerning your medical results and reports, please call 0115525463 or send an email to cc

Migration Health Assessment Fees and Payment Information

DescriptionAgeFee in ETB
Permanent and Provisional Visa ApplicantsBetween 0 – 10 years and 11 months
11 years old – 14y 11months
> 15years and above
IGRA test only2 – 10 years old
Temporary visa applicantsStudent/short stay2600
Chest X-ray only11 years old and above
Health Care Worker18 years and older
Aged visitor

Fees, by visa type and age of applicant

Additional fees will apply if other investigations are requested.

Please be aware that appointments are free of charge and agents are not required to make an appointment.