Doctor's Schedules

Here are the schedules for some of our out-patient consultation specialty services. However Notice: These hours are for regular consultations and all our doctors are available for on call services for emergency and unique conditions. Our Emergency, ICU and In-patient units, pharmacy, ambulance and radiology units are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.


All Time is written in European time. To convert time to Ethiopian time, please change language to Amharic or Afaan Oromoo

NoSpecialty NameMondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridaySaturday
1Internal MedicineFull DayFull DayFull DayFull DayFull DayHalf Day
2SurgeryFull DayFull DayFull DayFull DayFull DayHalf Day
3RadiologyFull DayFull DayFull DayFull DayFull DayHalf Day
4PediatricsFull DayFull DayFull DayFull DayFull DayHalf Day
5Gynecology / Obs.Full DayFull DayFull DayFull DayFull DayHalf Day
6Cardiology (Dr. 1)9AM – 12PM9AM – 12PM
Cardiology (Dr. 2)Starting 3:00PMStarting 3:00PMStarting 5:00PMStarting 5:00PMStarting 5:00PMStarting 9:00AM
Cardiology (Dr. 3)Starting 3:00PMStarting 1:00PM
ConsultationConsultation &
Starting 2:30PM
7NeurologyStarting 5:00PMStarting 5:00PM
8Ear Nose ThroatStarting 4:00PMStarting 4:00PMStarting 4:00PM
9NeurosurgeonStarting 10:00AM
10OrthopedicsStarting 1:00PMStarting 1:00PMStarting 1:00PM
11PulmonologyStarting 9:00AMStarting 9:00AM
12OphthalmologyStarting 11:00AMStarting 11:00AMStarting 11:00AMStarting 11:00AMStarting 11:00AMStarting 11:00AM
13UrologyStarting 4:00PMStarting 4:00PMStarting 5:00PMStarting 4:00PMStarting 9:00AM
14EndocrinologyStarting 1:00PM & Starting 2:00PMStarting 2:00PMStarting 2:00PMStarting 2:00PM &Starting 2:00PMStarting 8:30AM
Starting 4:00PM
15GastroenterologyStarting 2:00PMStarting 2:00PM
16DermatologyStarting 1:00PM
17PsychiatryStarting 9:00AMStarting 4:00PM
18OncologyStarting 4:00PM
19Infectious DiseaseStarting 1:30PMStarting 8:30AM
21ART ConsultationFull DayFull DayFull DayFull DayFull DayFull Day
22PhysiotherapyStarting 12:00PMStarting 12:00PMStarting 12:00PM